Chicago Campaign Cash

Ward 44

Candidate figures are sums of all contributions reported to the Illinois State Board of Elections, and scraped by Illinois Election Money. Go to their site to learn more about what is reported to the state.

Click the name of a candidate to see each contribution to their campaign committees (some candidates have more than one). Some candidates either don't have committees or haven't raised enough to trigger state reporting requirements.

Names and figures are displayed as reported to the state. Some names may be incorrect or listed under multiple spellings.

Contributions since last election include all donation since Feb. 22, 2011. All contributions include all donations on the State Board of Elections website, complete since 2000.

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Top donors: Individuals or organizations that have contributed the most to a candidate.

Top employers: Sums individual donations grouped by employer reported by the individual.

Scott Davis

Top donors

Scott Davis: $11,000.00

Katherine Barba: $4,900.00

Jovita Carranza: $1,000.00

Dave Kaufman: $200.00

Terry Hanson: $200.00

Top employers

PartsTrader LLC: $11,000.00

Mark Thomas

Top donors

Mark Thomas: $120,100.00

Thomas Family Limited Partnership: $45,000.00

Tamra J. Thomas: $5,000.00

Darryl Thomas: $5,000.00

Illinois Entertainer: $2,249.80

Top employers

Rags 2 Riches Fashions Ltd.: $75,100.00

The Alley: $45,000.00

ProAssurance: $5,000.00

Rheo Tech: $1,000.00

Dream Town Reality: $1,000.00

Tom Tunney

Top donors

Tom Tunney: $58,878.91

Citizens for Quigley: $47,310.10

Sheffield-Waveland Rooftops: $37,000.00

3639 LLC: $32,000.00

Ann Sather Restaurant: $25,626.17

Top employers

City of Chicago: $59,400.00

General Iron: $58,250.00

Self: $56,054.00

Advanced Pain Care: $23,820.00

Newsweb Inc.: $17,800.00