Chicago Campaign Cash

Robert Fioretti | Mayor

Listed are all the contributions for each committee associated with the candidate reported to the Illinois State Board of Elections, complete since 2000, and scraped by Illinois Election Money. Go to their site to learn more about what is reported to the state.

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Names and figures are displayed as reported to the state. Some names may be incorrect or listed under multiple spellings.


Friends of Bob Fioretti: $1,975,860.85


Top donors

Orum & Roth LLC: $138,625.00

J.R. Davis: $69,000.00

Going Places LLC: $26,000.00

David P. Gaughan: $25,500.00

Leadership 2011 PAC: $22,195.88

Top employers

Davis Bancorp: $57,500.00

Law Offices Of David Gaughan: $25,000.00

Chicago Building Consulting Services Inc,: $14,000.00

Chicago Cultural Mile: $11,500.00

Billy Goat Tavern: $11,000.00

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