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Mayoral Election 2019

Which Chicago Mayoral Candidate Do You Agree With Most?

We sent the candidates yes or no questions. Now, you can answer them too — and compare the results.

Feb. 8, 2019

For the first time in generations, Chicagoans have more than a dozen mayoral candidates to choose from. To help you decide who to vote for by Feb. 26, WBEZ reporters and editors asked all the candidates yes or no questions (with room for a short written response).

Some readers asked for an easy way to answer the questions themselves and compare their results with the candidates’. So we built a simple quiz to help you see who you align with most.

One note: A few times, the candidates didn’t answer yes or no. You also have that option! However, if you and a candidate both choose that option, that will count towards your match score. But obviously, you and the candidate may have skipped answering for different reasons. So, make sure to check out candidates' longer responses here.


Development and design by Paula Friedrich. Candidate images courtesy of campaigns and AP Photo.