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Worldview's Going On A 25th Anniversary Road Trip!

Worldview is going on a 25th anniversary road trip! Follow us on this interactive map as we travel across the Great Lakes region, speaking with activists, artists, scholars and more.

July 3, 2019

Dear Worldview listeners,

For 25 years, Jerome has brought you stories from all corners of the globe — about activism, the environment, political influencers, international music and so much more. As we celebrate this big anniversary, we’re excited to bring you something extra! Worldview is leaving the WBEZ studios and heading to Michigan and Canada. Our road trip will take us through Toronto, Detroit, Dearborn, Kalamazoo and other globally-oriented places in our Great Lakes region. We’re thrilled you’ve come along for the ride this past quarter-century (!!!!). So follow along on-air and on this interactive map as we cross new borders. Thanks for listening!

With love,

The Worldview Team

Jerome McDonnell , Steve Bynum , Julian Hayda , Monica Eng , J. Kyle White-Sullivan , Jenny Friedland , Ashish Valentine , Catalina Maria Johnson